29 January 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Best-read? Heck, let’s just get the word spread!

During a regular ritual I hold on Sundays (involving the SF Chronicle and a lovely cup or two of coffee), I stumbled across my horoscope that gave me much hope:

Now, let’s not get crazy. There are some longstanding blogs out there that have content pushed on a much more frequent basis, with writers that are much more well known. But, I sure do want folks to know about my blog as something that provides a little entertainment to “the masses”. I’m not writing this for folks in the beverage industry alone. I’m really writing this 1) for me, 2) for entertainment and journaling purposes, and 3) for others to maybe learn and experiment with me along the way.

So, let’s just promise to have fun, and maybe you’ll even want to leave a comment here from time to time. And, there are plenty of ways to know when a new post has been made – just click on one of these:


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