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Oh, #SyrahDay, you are quite fun to celebrate. Whoever came up with this idea, I thank you! It’s still Winter, and so having a nice “warm” red suits this time of year. My pick is one that suits quite a few folks that have tasted it with me – a Victor Hugo Winery Estate Syrah. Victor Hugo is located in a small pocket of east Paso Robles that butts up to Templeton, a place that I’m quite fond of that houses other debauchery wineries such as Hansen Vineyards.

The Judgement:
A. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just nice, warm fruit
B. the label carries a late 80′s/early 90′s artistic characteristic.
C. They do have a tasting room, but you’ll need to schedule an appointment to score a taste of their juice. I recommend heading out this way, so that you can experience the beauty along the drive. The hills are pretty, even in the dead of summer when all the grasses have dried out, because the green vineyards are an amazing oasis to the eyes.
D. Although this is a varietal that has picked up popularity in the greater Paso area, every winemaker has their own style and each vineyard gives a beautiful characteristic, if made right.

The score: 3+/4 out of 5. Like I said, I had a few other folks try this out, and the crowd enjoyed it. Definitely enjoy this bottle with some pals during a casual BBQ!

The nerdy notes:
Candidly, I wasn’t able to get many notes down, as I was entertaining some friends (darn attention grabbers!). What I can tell you is that this wine has lovely, warm red fruit notes, and could use either 30 minutes in a decanter, or run it through a SoirĂ©e in-bottle decanter just to get it to open up and show it’s potential.

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