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Get Your Nerd On – Wine Aroma Wheel

20130811-083005.jpgA very small few of you have been with me during tastings, and notice that I usually have a couple of items with me when tasting: a notebook and pen (I can’t yet get myself switched over to digital notes), my Deviant Guide to make sure I’m scoring wines correctly for my blog, and my trusty Wine Aroma Wheel. I picked up this handy tool of the trade back in my days at Cal Poly, and have found it to be one of the most handy things I own.

The Wine Aroma Wheel, developed by Dr. Ann Noble (UC Davis) helps one to quickly identify what aroma you may be smelling in your glass of wine. Simply start in the middle and work your way outward to help get a hint of what aroma your brain is trying to identify.

Now, this is not the end-all, be-all. As I have mentioned to some of you, the other important “trick” to identifying what you are smelling is to smell and taste everything. Spending time in the grocery store and smelling as you move up and down the aisles is important. Produce, bread, coffee aisle, and getting yourself reacquainted with what spices smell like is all good practice to better identifying what you may be smelling later on. By doing this aromatic “homework”, you’re in better shape to start identifying what that mystery smell is. Practice, practice, practice.

Back to the wheel. I’ll just simply say that this tool that Dr. Noble devised has helped me out on many occasion. You may notice that there are many types of aroma wheels out on the market (and via Google Image), but I say that sticking to this particular wheel is the way to go as you continue your wine deviance! They’re kinda a deal at $6 a pop, and if you’re feeling uber-nerdy, grab a shirt, too. My advice is to start with buying the Table Wines wheel (in English, for most of my readers). I’m actually going to pick up their sparkling wine wheel, because I need to focus and work more on identifying many of the descriptors in this area.

P.S. Next time you’re tasting with me, feel free to ask to borrow my wheel. Happy to oblige!


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