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Top 5 Ways to be a Wine Deviant

As we come up upon my favorite day, I can’t help but want to write up a quick list of ways to be a Wine Deviant:

5. Try something not from a standard wine package. Box, tetrapak, can, or flasq, you gotta try out something outside your comfort zone. There’s good stuff to be had, and the only way you’re gonna know is by experimenting!
4. Enjoy a little beer. Sometimes, to appreciate wine, you need to appreciate beer. Real beer. Craft beer. So, go on a beerwalk. Try a mixed cocktail staring an amazing local craft brew. Pick up something new at the local bottle shop, and don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation! Just like at a wine shop, beer folk can be just as helpful
3. Head out to a new winery or wine region you wouldn’t usually visit. You would be amazed at how many wineries and AVAs there are to visit in these United States. Heck! There’s wine being made in every state of our great 50! Pull out a map, close your eyes, and randomly point to where your next mini wine adventure will take you.
2. Go the exact opposite of your favorite wine! Like white? Try red or rose. Like sparkling? Dry a port or sherry. Think that’s crazy? Nope, just the best possible way to be deviant and break out of your beverage rut!
1. Celebrate being a wine deviant on my very own, self-proclaimed #winedeviant day, Friday the 13th. Break out of the superstitious shell, and throw a little gathering where you and some friends share wines that are different from what you would usually drink. Not sure what to bring/serve? See point #2 above. And don’t forget to tweet or Facebook post your wine selection with the #winedeviant hash tag. I’d love to see how you celebrated one of two Wine Deviant days of the year!

Have fun, and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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