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Deviation – Sauvignon Musque

Not many of you know, but I recently took on a short-term contract job at a large dot com company, and just started working there. As part of my second day on-board, a fellow teammate offered my choice of a couple of bottles wine available at her desk, and the one labeled Sauvignon Musque caught my eye. I’d never heard of such a label, and originally thought that maybe it was just a “fanciful” name selected by the winery. It turns out, it’s NOT! It’s an actual grape.

Mercury Geyserville Sauvignon Musque 2010 Alexander Valley

The short:

  1. For this varietal/clone, the combination of grassy and fresh aromas crossed with floral and tropical fruits is true to the grape, however this is something that I’d never heard of, and had to do some web searches to get a better idea of what I was actually tasting. Exciting!
  2. The label has a modern spin to it, but it’s unclear what the graphic on the label is (unless it’s supposed to be a reflection/texture of a single wine grape)
  3. An update regarding the tasting room will have to be posted in the near future, as no distinct information was available online
  4. I was totally unaware of this clone and am interested to try others so that I have a better understanding. Deviance gold mine!

The judgement: 3+ of 5. It’s a nice bottle and I’ve never tried anything like this. I want to review it again when it’s not as cold, as well as see what it’s like the next day. Time to deviate on the deviant bottle…stay tuned.

The nerdy notes:

  • A nice light golden color with complete clarity
  • Nose: Sauvignon blanc nose w/ light, fresh grassy tones and tart fruit upon straight out of the refridgerator
  • Taste: Aromas from the nose carry across to the palate, and once warming up a bit there are hints of mango, canned tropical fruit, light floral (white flower) perfumy-ness, and a lovely long finish
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  1. Mr. Mercurial 30 January 2012 at 6:27 pm Permalink

    Just an FYI on the label, it’s a shot of Mercury the planet.

    But it does have a groovy, grape-y thing going on =)

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